It is always bittersweet when our residents move on to other places. Recently, a wonderful woman (I’ll call her “Jane”), transitioned out of one of our homes and into an independent living apartment. Jane first came to us in the spring of 2011. At that stage in her life, she was struggling with the symptoms of mental illness and needed the structure, supervision, and support that a residential placement afforded. She was also coming to terms with the fact that she was no longer capable of safely being as independent as she had been. As Jane participated in our program, her outlook improved and her independence and empowerment grew.

At the end of 2012, she moved into our Level III home, which affords residents greater independence in their daily lives and increases the responsibilities that are asked of them. She thrived in this environment, building relationships with her peers, seeking out volunteer opportunities in the community, and developing her life skills.

About two months ago, a collective decision was made that Jane was ready for more. More independence. More responsibility. More living. She had successfully moved through the levels of care that Orion offers, and reached the point that she no longer needed the intensive behavioral health treatment that we provide. Our executives, staff and residents are sad to see Jane go. But we are also proud of all that she has accomplished, and hold her up as an example to our future residents, of the growth and change that is possible through patience, participation and persistence.

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